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Computer Anti-Fatigue Arm Support Bracket (FREE SHIPPING)

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Main features:

Even Weight Distribution:
Evenly distributes the weight of the entire forearm and elbow. The weight of the forearm is distributed over a large area.
Reduces Local Pressure:
This reduces local pressure on the wrist and eliminates the constant strain on the muscles of the neck, arms, and shoulders that many computer users experience.
Useful tips:
Behind its simplicity, the pad hides some useful tricks. When the forearm is placed on top of the bracket itself, it can be adjusted to the desired position.
Easy to install:
Two units (one on each side of the keyboard) can be installed to fully support the forearm. The armrests are very lightweight and easy to install.
The pad has undergone extensive strength testing, under normal use, the pad will not crack or break.
Product Size:
19cm × 13cm × 5cm
Package Contents: 1 x Rotating computer arm bracket

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