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Portable Rechargeable USB Hand Warmer and 5V Power Bank for Mobile Phone (FREE SHIPPING)

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Heat Preservation Duration: 8-10 Hours

1. 3600mAh power bank for cell phones. Self-adaptive technique allows intelligent faster, safer charging. You can take it along with you wherever you go. Charge your devices anywhere any time you need, such as traveling, camping, hiking, etc.
2. Double-side hand warmer. Keep your hands warm this cold winter. Compact, cute and unique design. Tiny body with strong functions, long life time.
3. Newly added indicator function, lets you know the status of the battery at any time.

Input: 5V-2A
Output: 5V-2A
Temperature: 50-60℃

1. For the first time using this product, please fully charge the battery.
2. When charging the mobile power supply, be sure to use the accessories wire provided or the correct specifications wire, otherwise the mobile power supply may be damaged.
3. It is strictly forbidden to beat, impact, disassemble or try to repair this product by yourself.
4. Do not place the mobile power bank in a humid place or soak the product with water.
5. It is strictly forbidden to place this product in any heat source or flammable place.
7. Keep out of the reach of children.
8. To avoid shortening the service life, please charge the mobile power supply at least once every four months.

Size: 68mm x 23mm x 108mm
Material: ABS + aluminum alloy + electronic components
Colors: Green / White / Pink

Package Contents:
1 x Power Bank Hand Warmer
1 x USB Cable
1 x Users Manual

Only the above package contents are included. (All other products in pics are not included.)

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