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Long Lasting Magic 4D Eyebrow Tattoos - 18 Sheets to Choose From (FREE SHIPPING)

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Filling and contouring your brows is definitely an ANNOYING daily makeup routine...Sometimes even make your brows look asymmetrical.

Now create the MOST NATURAL, FULL BROWS in a second with our 4D Stick-on Eyebrows!

These brows are water-based brow stickers - simply wet and stick to wear instantly and to create 4D hair-like brow strands 
with a desirable brow shape.

No professional makeup skill is required! And once it sticks, they become waterproof and smudge proof with long lasting results, up to 7 days!

Perfectly solve the problem of sparse or light brows as these stick-on brows seamlessly blend with your own brows, so no will 
discover your little secret!


    Stick-on Eyebrows
    Stick to wear instantly to create full, natural brows with a desirable brow shape. No professional makeup skill is required.

    4D Hair-like Texture
    Simulates a micro-blading effect with a hair-like natural brow look. Seamlessly blends in with your own brows.

    Long Lasting
    Super Waterproof and smudge proof with strong staying power  that lasts up to 7 days. Feel free to reuse by dipping in water and re-stick when they start to loosen up (with proper maintenance).

    Find your Perfect Brow Shape
    We offer 6 brow shapes to universally fit any face contour. Perfectly flatter your face shape with a sharp arch, gentle curve, or even straight ones.

    Stays firmly even when you put on brow tints to change brow colors, or apply makeup base/makeup remover around the brow.

    Pain-free but REALISTIC!
    Simply wear to get professional, lush looking brows without going through any painful surgery or eyebrow micro-blading.


    Position 4D eyebrows on desired area.
    Wet the paper side with a small amount of water.
    Peel slowly and done.

Note: Before applying, coat your eyebrows with Vaseline and let it soak into your skin and eyebrows. Be sure to remove any excess vaseline still on the skin before applying. This will help the eyebrow tattoos to stay moist and adhere to the skin and eyebrows more easily.

1 x Sheet of Eyebrow Tattoos

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