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Ultra Light Induction Boombox w/HIFI Subwoofer (FREE SHIPPING)

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This product is an induction speaker, amplified electromagnetic induction, no need to connect a Bluetooth!

Simply place a phone or tablet, on the induction speaker receptacle and it will amplify the sound coming from your device. In operation, the phone must be placed on the speaker receptacle. With an Aux interface it can also be connected to a computer using an audio cable. Compatible with most mobile phone and tablet brands that have external speakers. 

Power supply:

1. Rechargable

Instructions for use:

Step one: Press the button on front of the speaker, make sure that it lights up in blue. When the speakers work, light is blue.

Step two: Identify the position that the phone or tablet needs to be in to work, must be left in the receptacle on front of the speaker, the sensor area. If the bell does not show up on the phone or tablet it can not be induced. You will be able to hear the sound or music increase in volume significantly.

Note: Different audio devices will sound different, adjust the audio until you get the  perfect sound quality.

Volume Adjustment: To adjust the volume, you only need to change the volume of the on the receptacle plate, the speaker will automatically adjust the output volume. 


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